Liquid Fertilizer Nozzles

TeeJet SJ 7
Nozzles for the application of AHL or ASL liquid fertilizer process the large-drop application rate and avoid burns to the plants. Through the use of TeeJet or Lechler multi-hole nozzles and the alternative FD Lechler flat fan nozzles, the farmer achieves a drift-poor and unproblematic liquid manure application without burns. The nozzles protrude a bottom of the spray boom sprayer out and can work backwards or diagonal. In the event that you have a spray boom with a deep inner nozzle line and attached to it Arag or Lechler nozzle holding, we offer a range of extension adapters for all liquid fertilizer nozzles. Characterized as far as the nozzle is offset from the linkage also that the jet is not disturbed. Alternatively, you can also use multi-hole nozzles of Agrotop. The Agrotop Esi or Agrotop Exa radiate clean down and have three or six holes for the liquid fertilizer distribution. Here it is used in most linkages cope without an adapter.
Lechler Syngenta 130-05, 130°
Liquid Fertilizer Nozzle by manufacturer Lechler in cooperation with Syngenta.
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TeeJet Nozzle SJ3-VR Streamjet for liquid fertilizer
Three-hole nozzle with an optimal spraying height 50 up to 100 cm
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