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Parallel driving aid for agriculture for GPS, EGNOS and GLONASS satellites will help you in applying for traces of tramline systems on raw land or grassland. Systems such as the Topcon System 144 with AGI 4 antenna can also be upgraded to receive an RTK correction signal or an Omnistar satellite signal. To a corresponding module is installed in the antenna. With the EGNOS correction signal you achieve directional stability of about 20-30 cm maximum deviation. With additional correction signals such as Omnistar or RTK you reach a tracking capability of up to 3 cm maximum deviation. This complex but highly accurate signals require then additionally purchase a license, which is usually calculated as an annual fee. The EGNOS signal is free of charge. You get with the electric steering wheel AES 25 for the Topcon steering system then a fully automatic steering system that can be installed in old and new tractors.