RAU plug-in grommets - fittings - adapter

Quick-Fit Plug-in System (AS) allows many plug-in system variations, e.g. with hose nozzles, T-pieces, cross pieces or tank fittings. The individual components are assembled with a simple safety plug - the simplest and fastest connection method to create liquid circuits for crop protection equipment. The Quick-Fit system is compatible with all components (pressure regulators, ball valves, section and relief valves, etc.). Outstanding feature is the excellent material strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic and seals made of FKM materials (Viton) for sealing.
  • Plug-in system with a secure attachment
  • Cost savings through shorter assembly times
  • Sealing tape for threaded connections is hardly needed
  • High flexibility for the assembly staff! Mounted components (e.g., hose nozzles) can be twisted without leakage and adjusted to the hose path.
RAU Fittings plug-in system
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