Injectornozzles for plant protection

Injection nozzles
Injector nozzles are used for many years for the No-drift poor application of pesticides. After the conventional flat fan nozzles were no longer by the regulations for drift reduction in plant protection, especially in the border areas allowed manufacturers like Lechler, TeeJet or Agrotop were quickly engaged and expanded the program of the injector nozzles significantly. Registered in drift reduction classes that were determined in tests at the BBA Braunschweig, now JKI Institute, many of these nozzles can be used today with a drift reduction of up to 90% in critical edge zones. The Lechler IDKT or Agrotop High Speed ??are now double flat fan nozzles in the trade that allow even in difficult crops such as onions or strawberries very good deposits of Pflanzenschtzmitteln and allow high speeds.