Nozzles for agricultural Farmer

TeeJet Border-Nozzle
In the area of ??agricultural nozzle manufacturers Lechler, TeeJet and Agrotop have made ??a name in Germany in recent years. The constant development of the nozzles for the agricultural sector of the trend towards the use of injector has specifically continued. Injector nozzles from Lechler and TeeJet and Injector nozzles of Agrotop have drift reduction up to 90 % and thus can be used in border zones in the nozzle without or with only low-drift reduction of 50 % or 75 % are not admitted. Nevertheless, these manufacturers have developed injector nozzles with fine to medium coarse droplet spectrum, which also provide with contact means for an excellent wetting. Furthermore, of course, the flat jet nozzles made ??of ceramic, stainless steel and plastic are on offer. These are found in many areas still have its permission and are sold in large numbers worldwide. Lechler hollow cone nozzles and Agrotop hollow cone nozzles find its use mainly in crops such as vineyards and orchards. Also hollow cone nozzles are available as injector nozzle and edge rows often prescribed. Please note the special nozzle caps for hollow cone nozzles.