Double flat jet nozzles

Double Flatfan Nozzles TeeJet
The double flat fan nozzles here in the shop are from Lechler, Agrotop or TeeJet and can be bought cheap online. We recommend this nozzle in your deployment in difficult and leafy crops we strawberries or onions and cucumbers. The nozzle sends a double flat spray the plant, which is easily aligned diagonally to the front and rear. Thus, the plant is optimally illuminated from two directions, and the fine droplets penetrate deep into the stock. These nozzles have no drift reducing properties and are designed to achieve maximum wetting. These nozzles are manufactured by both Teejet as well as stainless steel nozzle Lechler brass nozzle or double flat fan. Please note when buying the double flat fan nozzles on the required key length for the appropriate nozzle cap, because these nozzles are usually a little longer key length than standard flat fan nozzles.
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