Flat jet nozzles

Double Flatfan Nozzles TeeJet
Flat spray nozzles are the best method for perfect wetting in stocks has always been difficult, and are advised only by the collection of the injector into the background. In today’s jet tests, the fan nozzle is still the best wetting on one of the first places. However, since the use of drift reducing injector nozzles was prescribed in the past few years, the uses for flat fan nozzles from Lechler or TeeJet have just reduced, as for the flat jet nozzles of Agrotop. In the field, however, the insert is easily feasible. Only in border zones of injector nozzles are prescribed with an attested drift reduction of 75 % or 90 %. You may include the conventional flat fan nozzles made ??of plastic, stainless steel or brass nozzle caps with a key width of 8 or 10 mm and lock with a QUICKJET cap a quarter turn on the spray boom. Because of the short design, the nozzle is not out of the spray boom sprayer.
Agrotop SoftDrop 110° Fan Jet Nozzle
very coarse-dripping, gentle application, for liquid fertilizer application
our standard price 8,33 EUR
your price 7,50 EUR
Shop discount10%
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TeeJet TP Flat Spray Tip
for leerway-reducing application
our standard price 21,46 EUR
your price 15,02 EUR
Shop discount30%
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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