Lechler Injector-Nozzle type ID

Injectionnozzle ID3 in Plastic

Lechler ID3 plastic nozzle

For years, exists alongside the rugged and durable stainless steel nozzle and injector with ceramic mouthpiece also the classic Lechler ID of molded plastic. As this material has been developed in recent years more and more and the durability of the nozzles has been significantly extended by the use of high-strength plastics, today it forms a quite low-cost alternative to stainless steel or ceramic nozzle. The nozzle design keeps your long and fits into a nozzle cap with 10 mm width. The relatively high use of pressure of about 7 bar, the user should ensure that the nozzle caps have tight seals and thus a firm grip on the nozzle holder is guaranteed.
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