Suction and pressure hoses at a glance

We offer a wide variety of different tubing for a broad range of applications. Whether for agriculture for irrigation or sprayer in agriculture, in agriculture for stables and courtyard, or the industry, here you find the right hose. We sell among others pressure and suction hoses up to 10 bar with steel spiral, highly flexible PVC-BUNA hose with internal rigid PVC spiral and a pressure range up to 4 bar. For higher pressure ranges up to 20 bar operating pressure, select a dimensionally stable pressure hose made of PVC with interior polyester threads. Looking for a compressor hose? Then for you the pressure hose from high-strength PVC with internal polyester reinforcing the right choice. This tube can be used up to a maximum operating pressure of 80 bar. Different needs require different materials and equipment with reinforcements. Hoses you can also buy by the meter.

But please note on your shopping: bulk stock, can not be returned !