Nozzles with off-center spray pattern

Edge-Nozzles TeeJet
Edge-Nozzles with asymmetric spray angle of TeeJet, Lechler and Agrotop there today just in our online shop such as standard flat fan nozzles of TeeJet with spray angles from 80° to Lechler nozzles with 120° spray angle. You need to classical boundary nozzle in plant protection for the delimitation with neighboring areas. This shall apply mutatis mutandis to the cultural distance regulations that make the use of special nozzles for edge treatment at the end of the spray boom necessary. You get here by all manufacturers corresponding products such as Lechler IS 80° as an injector – edge nozzle or even the Lechler IDKS 80° in a compact design always matching the injector nozzles used. The droplet size is then matched with the same pressure conditions in the nozzle to the nozzle with 120° or 110° spray angle. The edge nozzles can be mounted in standard nozzle caps and also have the same key length as the nozzle spray angle with symetrical. Preisgünsitge edge nozzles can be found below in the overview.